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Our roots are firmly planted in family and in the Lord; and from this foundation comes forth the ability to touch the hearts of all that work here and visit here. Because the very core of the Season’s Harvest vision originated in the Griffith home, the fervor and sincerity of this warmth is handed down to the team of employees and poured out to the community that patrons and frequents this establishment.


With one word Season’s Harvest can be captured: wholesome.


That description spreads out over to the many facets and branches of our mission, which includes our food, our presentation, the character of each team member as we interact with the community and with each other; wholesomeness goes as far as to the ingredients we use and the methods in which we acquire them.


We are a backyard to table restaurant;

it doesn’t get much more local than that.

We are knowledgeable in all areas of the culinary art because we take the time to research beyond the kitchen walls; we start with the seed, the soil, and the farmer. We look to make lasting relationships with local businesses and farmers to build a stronger economy and to strengthen the ties between the farmer and consumer. We eliminate as much waste as possible by serving what is grown seasonally and locally, and composting and recycling what little remains. We give back to the community by sharing our gifts and talents with others. We seek to teach good stewardship over health by knowing what goes into every dish and drink we make and its benefit for the body; while also being able to inform our customers with that knowledge.


We give back by providing a place where one can come rest,

breathe for a moment, and find peace.


We designed this establishment to have an open concept, which offers a transparency that our clientele appreciates and we are delighted to offer. The kitchen is the heart of Season’s Harvest and operates as a window in which one can peer in to see who we truly are.


We are Season’s Harvest Backyard to Table: Wholesome. Local. Seasonal.

Weekend Market

We are family.

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