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Our Local Farms

We are a backyard-to-table restaurant.

Whatever we cannot make in-house we aim to supply through local farms and growers. We strongly believe in building lasting relationships with the farmers of our community, to ensure that we are bringing the highest quality whole foods to your table every day.

Here are some of the farms we use in our Season's Harvest Dishes.


Four generations of the Frerichs family have been milking Jersey cows just outside La Grange for over 65 years.


Presently, approximately 100 cows are milked twice every day at the farm. We also farm 740  acres for pasture and hay. For the Jersey Barnyard Family farming is an every day career that is both enjoyable and demanding. Their farm is also home to "Belle", the face of Texas Bluebell Ice Cream, she's been in Blue Bell commercials since 1991.


Jenkins Sunshine Farm LLC is owned and operated by Jim and Lisa Jenkins and was established in 2004. 

located near Montgomery Texas, on a lovely little country road, in an area that is still mostly undeveloped. 


"Being surrounded by nature keeps us grounded in our lives and beliefs.  We are stewards of the land and have concern for the environment. We strive to keep our footprint small and we care for our piece of the pie."

 Their registered herd of St Croix Hair Sheep


Organic, Free-Range Chickens


"We receive our chicks when they are just one day old!  We brood them in a temperature controlled environment

for 3-4 weeks until they are big enough to be pastured. They spend the next 4 weeks free range living and have access to all things natural; fresh air, natural sunlight, dry soil, bugs, Bermuda grass in the summer and Winter Rye grass in the winter.  They have access to floorless hoop houses that are moved daily & then they are processed by hand a local state certified processing facility"


Farmer Michael Marchand


Rocking 711 Ranch breeds and raises Wagyu cattle, utilizing top Wagyu genetics, artificial insemination and embryo transfer to perform continuous herd improvement. We raise our Wagyu cattle on pasture in a healthy, humane and sustainable manner. The ranch is home to abundant native Texas wildlife in addition to our cattle. The main ranch encompasses over 3,000 acres of prime coastal Texas farmland in northwest Jackson County, Texas, approximately 15 miles north of Edna, Texas, a 90 minute drive from southwest Houston, Texas.


Whitehurst Farms uses rotational grazing and organic practices to raise chickens, eggs, turkeys and hogs in a way that mimics animals' natural patterns in nature.  They believe in complete transparency in our artisan methods and how they care for their animals.

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