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Nestled on an old homestead acreage between equestrian fields and newly built Cypress dream homes, rests what is known as a “hidden gem.” During your visit here you will engage in a backyard-to-table encounter of freshly-harvested goodness & culinary art. Chef Jo and her team of artists create each of our menus based on our seasonal harvest, grown organically in our backyard, along with the abundance from local farms & artisans. We are grateful & blessed to be able to connect our community through food and to encourage our patrons to gather.


Our vision is to compose meals & craft beverages according to the seasons, carefully designing them to provide nourishment to both the soul and the body.

We invite you to dine at our table, stroll through our gardens

take a moment to rest from the busyness of life.

Beket  &Joanne Griffith

- Creators, Farmers + Owners -

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The Faith of one Family

Season's Harvest: Farmer's Table & Farmer's Counter are both owned by The Griffith Family. The Famer's Wife: Joanne is the Executive Chef in our Kitchen & Beket runs the Farm & Finances, they have five beautiful children. God called them into a new season in 2010 when they purchased the old Homestead where The Famer's Table abides today and they have been growing ever since. II Corinthians 2:10 is the hallmark of Season's Harvest, for only God provides the growth.

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Seasonal Menus

Our menus are designed based on the seasons, whatever we cannot grow here sustainably on our Farm is then purchased from local Texas farmers. Any ingredients that cannot be provided that way is thoroughly vetted and approved by The Griffiths before being purchased. We guarantee that we can verify the source and credibility of what goes in to each and every meal.

Our Farm

Farmer's Table sits on almost nine acres, we have an entire team 


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